Strategy reflection

In the hectic times of busy schedules and the constant waves of information, requests and news, an elementary component of successfully shaping one's own future is often forgotten:

Reflection - Actively, consciously, and tangibly stepping back from daily actions and looking at your own practice.

This is difficult, especially as a team and if you do not do it regularly, meaning reflection is not routinized.

What do we do specifically?

It is crucial that we, as trained strategy experts, get a good insight into your work. To do this, we sit as a "fly on the wall" in some of the meetings where you are supposedly working on strategy. Often these are management meetings. In addition, we conduct confidential 1-on-1 conversations with all relevant stakeholders, in which we bring hidden dynamics to the surface by asking specific questions and providing food for thought.

We compile all our ethnographic observations and theses from the conversations in a structured manner and enrich them with current findings from strategy and organizational research. We discuss the collected results and inspirations from the research together with you in a reflection workshop. And the beauty of it? Within this workshop, the participants themselves recognize where certain patterns lead to unwanted results and how this could be changed in the future. But don't worry, if self-awareness takes a little longer, we certainly have some ideas as well.
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