Strategy training

In our various professional careers, we have already experienced many trainings. As participants, they somehow rarely really inspired us. As companions on the learning journey (cool term for trainers, right?), we do things differently.

In our strategy trainings, we guide you systematically and enthusiastically through the major building blocks of strategy. In doing so, we don't teach the one or right way, because anyone who claims to have that is lying! We offer a range of 'thinking tools' that have been developed and shaped over decades of strategy research. By the end of our training, you will have these tools in your repertoire and (more importantly) know how and when to use them productively.

Strategy work is not the same after our learning journey together.

Participants in our many university courses have said the same thing:

"What I enjoyed most was strong hands-on learning experience; It was unusual in that intensity."
"Benjamin is a holistic and very intellectual person. It was a great pleasure to be in his class."
“Particularly positive was the great enthusiasm of the professor. Also, the good structure and activities helped me a lot to truly grasp the topics."
"Very interactive and he [the instructor] really cares about each individual participant. Meaning he makes sure we really take something away and learn more than just factual knowledge. I really liked that."
"The professor managed to motivate everyone - I had the feeling that everyone really gave their best. Moreover, he was great in responding to the students' requests and constraints. That was essential, given the fact that this course was a full week of long work sessions."
All quotes are taken from anonymous course evaluations at Jacobs University Bremen from the courses 'Fundamentals of Strategy' and 'Innovation Seminar' of the last years.
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